BREAK Block causing Download Failure?

We’ve now been using IQ Blocks for a couple of weeks in class and there was difficulty with programs not Downloading


I have discovered that if there is a ‘Break’ block at the end of the Program, the above error occurs.

Are we doing something wrong? What we are looking for is a ‘final’ block that finishes the Program (so that the Robot is no longer ‘running’ and the display returns to the initial Menu Screen).

(On that note, every time that we download a program, the Menu goes in to Settings (rather than stay on the initial Programs screen) - would this be another bug?)

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Not really a bug, but more of a compiler error.

“break” commands are used to escape out of repeating conditional or loops. For example, you could use a “break” command to end a “forever” loop. “break” does not do anything related to controlling motors or terminating the project.

Using a “break” outside of a looping structure will generate a compiler error.



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Thanks, @tfriez!
I actually just ‘discovered’ the Help ? functionality, so found the description for this :smiley:

Is there any functionality / a command for the action I was actually looking for? An ‘End’ command for a Program?

At the moment, all Students’ programs end and then the Robot is still within their program. Is there a way to End a program?

Thanks again for all help: loving the Forum - hopefully, my students will eventually get on here (once they start preparing for Squared Away!)

Glad you found the help! Its a great resource to learn what each block does.

No “end” functionality as of today… the original intent behind this is if the user wanted to print a message or display a Touch LED color to signify the end of their program, they would be able to do without having to worry about making some kind of infinite loop at the end of the project. Once the program is “ended”, the screen is cleared and all sensor data / states are lost.


Gotcha! I’ll stop looking, then :smiley:


That’s actually nice. In ROBOTC kids had to put a wait at the end of their programs to get the bot to hold its position at the end of the program.