Breaking Autonomous Line and Scoring

If a robot crosses the autonomous line, and scores a disk in the high goal, does that disk count for their team? Obviously the other team will get the AWP, but would the offending robot’s team get those 5 points? Or would it count for the other team? And after autonomous, at the end of the match, would that disk still not count, or would it be scored for the offending robot’s team

First off, the other team gets the Auton Bonus, not the AWP. They are completely different things. Read the game manual for that, specifically the rules.

As for the disk counting or not, it will mostly be counted. However, if your strategy is to purposely cross the line and score disks, that can be a major violation at the head referees discretion.


Please read the manual for questions about the game. If I remember correctly the disc would count at the end of the game.


Please try to cite the Game Manual rules rather than “If I remember correctly the disc…” type response. It will help both you and the person asking the question to have concrete answers.

So specifically, all discs are scored at the end of the match. Conditions for scored in High Goal are described in <SC2>. There is no provision for removing discs from high goals if they were placed there by a robot that crossed the autonomous line. The penalty is that that alliance does not get the autonomous bonus. <SG8> which covers crossing the autonomous line speaks of egregious violations to use this infraction for strategic purposes (e.g., netting five points at end of match and needing to be near high goal to score the disc.). If the robot is mechanically incapable of scoring high discs from their side of the field, I could see this being an example of Major Violation.

I look forward to others perspective on this scenario.

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Not if this was done on purpose. (Technically, it would count, but according to , if you strategically cross the line, it will be a Major Violation.) You should also be wary of this being a Match-Affecting interaction, if you only win because of the disks scored in auton.

I was competing against another team from my school, and they’re autonomous code broke and they drove straight to low gaol and shot a single disk into their high goal. Our robot ended up scoring a roller, so we won autonomous. After the match, our coach didn’t know how to score that disk (it was the only disk they ended up shooting). They ended up beating us by about three points (with the problem disk), so we won without the disk, meaning it would be match effecting. In theory, their robot can shoot from far away, but it’s not very accurate, so it was a decent chance it wouldnt have made it. Our coach decided that since it was match effecting, he didnt count it, but I wanted to find a more definitive answer. Anyone’s opinion on this is welcome!

For the disk to not count, you would have to find and cite the specific rule that says that it would not count. As far as I know, there is NO rule that says that the disk scored in the situation that you laid out would NOT be scored, match effecting or not. However, if a team continued to use that strategy, as a referee, I would warn them and possibly DQ them if they didn’t change their approach.
Also, if the other team crossed the autonomous line, you win autonomous even if you had not done a thing.


If they crossed the autonomous line and gained points that affected the outcome of the match, the disc should still be scored, but they should be disqualified for a match affecting rule violation.