Breaking Parts... The Hard Way


This thread is dedicated to the parts we all destroy in odd ways. Such as snapped metal, over-stripped gears, stripped sprockets, etc.

I’ll start. I broke a HS 6 tooth sprocket because I was (mistakingly) using it in my custom ratchet. image

Broken vex parts

If I have the time, I’ll post a picture of it.
I once snapped the tip of one of our star drive screwdrivers. Its a running joke in my team that I overtighten things way too much, but this was a bit over the line.
I tried using a dremel to sand down the tip of the screwdriver so it wouldn’t become a shank but its tip is always slanted and much more inconvenient to use.


My catapult is too strong for my gears.


We had an aluminum guardrail for our catapult that snapped, twice. Nothing was hitting it it just snapped because of it’s momentum


I wish I could get a picture, but in ITZ we had a shaft running to our mobile goal lift, as opposed to directly attaching it to a gear, and it had twisted around 7-8 times and broke in the elimination matches for states.


I do not have a picture but in ITZ we had 2 two motors twisting the same axle and in the end it looked like a elongated corkscrew.


I managed to find a picture of one end of the shaft. image


That, my friend, is very impressive.


We werent the best at protecting drive motors when we were parking early season xD


idk if I can get a picture of it, but one of our teams had a shaft that split apart. I mean, it frayed like it was a piece of paracord or twine or something. I knew they had a lot of friction in their drive train but…dang…that was weird.


We had something similar, gonna look for a photo of it later


We had a similar issue with a 393 motor snapping off like that last season, was probably due to the fact that about 9 pounds of loctite were poured into the threads. The plastic was so brittle it flaked off.


We had several v4 motors last year where we stripped the internal gears to the point where there was a clear indent.


My fall robot’s flywheel did the same thing


At our first competition last year, we used a 4 motor rack and pinion lift to lift mobile goals. Unfortunately, we didn’t realize that one of our drive motors was directly under the lift, and when the lift went too low, it snapped the motor clean off its posts. We didn’t even realize until the robot started turning to the left, we turned it over and a motor was just gone.


During the early season we had issues with our 2 motor 2 bar lift. A member of one of our sister teams told us to cut the shaft that was in both motors, so 1 motor would move 1 shaft. This caused SO many issues later on


We found this random horrifying piece from the remains of our third team. No one here knows what they were thinking.



Super slip gear! I have no idea why they didn’t just grind down a section.


One of our teams took a spindle sander to a 60-tooth gear, it was not nice.


Our team’s slip gear kind of looks like that, we had trouble with the gears slipping when the were not supposed to so the gears were put closer than they normally are, and we couldn’t put the gear in with just the teeth off.