Breaking Parts... The Hard Way


at one point we had too many rubber bands on our puncher that it would snap a tooth off the gear every time we fired. for a while we couldn’t figure out why it was launching quicker every time until we noticed individual teeth underneath the robot.


also, we had to replace the entire launcher because the stopper screw was bent so badly that it was impossible to take off.


Looks like someone was hungry…


I’m just going to leave this here…


I have a piece of 1x5x1 aluminum c channel running across our robot to hold the 2 sides parallel, there is now 4 sizable cracks running from the edge of the c to the flat sheet of metal that is the 5 section… 4 times… I guess we can’t blame this one on vex


I snapped 2 aluminum c channels on my cata. Switched to steel and havent had a problem since.


I thought it was a great idea to cut down an L-channel to mount my flywheel gearbox. It took my team over a month to realize that it was bent.



In my starstruck year I had my 2 lift towers on opposite sides of the robot, being bridged by a low strength shaft with no supports. it was running on 4 motors, 1:7. needless to say, the shaft got bent, it actually was able to flex so much that when I ran the lift the motors span fine, but the arm didn’t move at all. rather, the shaft just got twisted around and around and around until it broke. getting those HS gear inserts out of that one was fun…