Bricking intake motors

Our traybot keeps breaking motors on its left side intake and we’re not sure what is causing the problem. My best guess is that the chain is slightly too tight and is making the axle turn at an angle in the motor, but I’m not sure. Anyone have a similar problem or know what the issue is?

That wouldn’t be an issue. Generally static kills motors; what are the motors doing to make you think they are bricked?

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Ports flashing and motor not running, changing the cable or port on the brain does nothing. Would it be static from the field or from the intake spinning?

It may be the wire that is trying the moters.


Are you sure it is the motor? It could be a blown port or a broken wire.

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Our robot has the ports on our brain constantly breaking, only in the ports with the intakes in it. We tried to fix this by running the motors at a lower speed, Lerping (linear interpolation) the power to the motors, and replacing both the wires and the motors, and drowning in ant-static spray. Nothing helped. One thing to check is if the rollers spin freely and coast to an extent when the motor is detached.

It sounds to me like a static problem. Try using anti-static spray on your field and grounding your robot before driving. test the motors on other robots or other ports to diagnose whether the motors are broken.