Bridge Magnets

only a week in and the magnets are failing on the bridge element… they are coming off the field and or bridge and staying stuck to each other. when this happens the bridge will not stay down… has this happened to anyone else?

see magnets stuck together… tried using a different standoff from our kits and still the same results…


Aloha James,
It seems that the magnet intended to stay attached to the field using those two 1x standoffs are popping out. Probably from ware and tear on the field. I would recommend putting some sort of glue to hold the base magnet on your field so it does not pop up. I am pretty sure at worlds that they will be using brand new fields so they probably will not experience the problems you and I will.

I typically add tape or glue to my practice field to hold parts together as long as the fields still function as a competition field. For example, this year I taped the ramp together assuming RECF did not expect fields to fall apart at worlds and teams would also not develop strategies based on breaking the field.


James, this happened to us last week too. Instead of having the 2 standoffs together, we put them on the ends of the 1x4 and that seemed to help it stick better. Not sure why but the one side had the standoffs on the end and the other side (bad one) we had the standoffs like you have them in the pic.