Bring Banners to Canadian Provincial Competitions!

Well, me and a friend of mine (And probably every Vex Team in Canada) feel that Canadian Provincial Level Competitions (Like States in USA) should of awarded with banners and trophies. Currently, Excellence , Champions and Finalists are awarded with a standard Vex Trophy, no Banners. Now, for the new 2014-2015 Skyrise Season, we hope banners can be introduced to Provincial level competitions.

To get the ball rolling, a petition has been set up which will be emailed to RECF and there event partners.

Link :

(PS: If your not in Canada, you can still sign to aid the cause :wink: )

Yes! It would also be cool if the trophy plates would have something on them saying the event or a fancy graphic, like a picture of one that was posted a while ago for a state competition.

A Little Background for Vex Competition in Canada

According to the 2013-2014 Vex Toss Up State- Champion Qualifying …

There’s roughly 136 Teams in Ontario with 12 spots up for grabs. 108 Teams in BC with 10 spots up for grabs. Even in Alberta there’s 38 teams with 4 spots up for grabs. Last, but not forgotten, Saskatchewan with 3 teams, and one spot for grabs.

Dang scrimmages must be nearly impossible in Saskatchewan (sp?)! Anyways I signed the petition :slight_smile:

No need for a petition. Barring something unforeseen, we’ll have banners for the Tournament Champions and Excellence Award Winner at the 2015 Ontario Provincial Championship.

Thats fantastic! hopefully in the future we can get some other achievements such as skills into the mix but this is great to hear! I would like to thank everyone who did put in the time to sign this petition however! 27 supporters within the first 3 hours of running the petition. Thanks for the update Karthik. and thank you to “vexislife”, for posting this here for me, without this post we wouldnt have received a reply from Karthik in the first place.

Thank you Karthik!

I wanna move here.

How about BC???

Do you know if it is possible for teams that won state championships to purchase banners if the state did not award them?

Custom trophies aren’t enough, eh? :slight_smile:


P.S. “…Currently, Excellence , Champions and Finalists are awarded with a standard Vex Trophy…” Typical of Ontario… thinking that what happens in Ontario defines what happens in Canada…

I honestly like the aluminium trophies better than the custom ones.

The aren’t really aluminum, are they? They’re ridiculously heavy!

I don’t have access to our trophies, otherwise I’d try a magnet on them.

They are comprised of a piece of metal, and an aluminum halve screwed together(the black part is metal, the shiny grey part is aluminum)

I’m the teacher advisor for those Sasky teams. Saskatchewan is a great place to live, but it’s a bit lonely for our VEX teams. We generally compete in Alberta, but that only produces 1-2 tournaments a year and no scrimmages.

In the UK we do not have states or provincials and it would be idiotic to do so as we couldn’t do county’s as there are so many. Regions could work but there are still a lack of teams in each area.

However at our National competition we have banners for the champions and the excellent award. If we can have them at nationals you deserve them at your provincials.

Could you make a template available to the local reps of the banners so each state/province could print their own? A full PST file or AI file is preferable so it is high quality and can be scaled for printing big.

Maybe you could opt for a slightly different color scheme for the state/province level versus World level.

(is it spelled colour in Canada too?)

Yes. (10char)