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I’ve noticed the Bring BO3 Back tag showing up a lot recently. How do you get the that for your signature?

My signature walks you through it :slight_smile:

Also, not totally on topic, but I’d really like to thank everyone who’s put the logo in their signature so far! It’s really cool to see something that I created distributed through threads I haven’t even looked at yet. Hopefully if enough of us put the logo in our signature, vex will eventually get the message that their “data and feedback” were flawed and restore the bo3 system. Thanks so much everyone!


No problem, nice signature!

For the whole hour before DRow blocks the thread

Very interesting…

Block the thread for what? Have any forum rules been broken?

I was wondering the same thing! Paranoia! …or are they really after you…?

What is Bo3?

A dead horse.


Very much so.

BO3 elimination system used by FRC and FTC. BO1 in VRC? A time saving optimization which ends tournaments faster.

@abennett5139 Best Of 3 Elimination :slight_smile:

Allow me to elaborate on this most eloquent response :slight_smile:

Best of 3 was the elimination system used in Vex since it’s creation until Vex Worlds 2018. 2 weeks before worlds, the GDC decided to change the elimination system to bo1 despite the inconsistency of vex wireless communication, inconsistent autonomous programs that rely on vex sensors, and inconsistent referees. As such, a huge number of teams lost at Worlds for reasons outside of their control, including both national champions. Upon surveying over 2/3 of the teams in eliminations at worlds, I found that close to 90% of the teams that had a preference at all preferred bo3. To defend bo1, ex president of Vex, Paul Copioili, invented statistics about “data and feedback” that did not exist, “99.5% reliable” vex keys, and claimed that bo1 both was a test and was not a test. As a full or partial result of these crazy lies and the stupidity of bo1, quite a lot of top tier teams including parts or all of 6007, BNS, 60, 7700, XD, 99731, 8825, and many more left the program forever. A plethora of several hundred post threads have been created attacking bo1, and literally everyone I’ve talked to in person about it has said they prefer bo3. To balance the needs of the community against the time needs of EPs, Carter created an alternate proposal a while ago that I wrote a thread about, which has been senselessly ignored by Vex.
The backlash against vex for bo1 is (if my understanding is correct) by far the largest and most prolonged backlash Vex has ever received, for any reason, period. Paul Copioli even “voluntarily resigned,” probably as a result of the unhappy community.

It is because of bo1 that I will not be returning to the program in vex U, and it is because of bo1 that some of the most dedicated and experienced vex teams have had their vex careers ended by factors outside of their control. Bo1 is in my opinion the single most detrimental aspect of vex to itself, and it will reduce vex’s profit, the happiness of the competitors, and the ability of the GDC to achieve it’s own goals.

I really hope bo3 is not a dead horse.

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So we have one more year of this ? :slight_smile:

I’m afraid you do :slight_smile:

Sorry about the rant, I was trying to summarize the arguments against bo1 in probably 1000 different posts and I wanted to convey the bitterness of the competitors over this change.

You should just make a Wikipedia page.

Man if I hear about this stuff one more time…

@Anomaly you know these are available right?
You could buy for only $4.99!

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This is the opinion I was reffering to.