Bring VEX EDR to Science Olympiad


Next weekend our school’s team (me included) will participate in a regional tournament for Science Olympiad. I just thought it would be cool if VEX partnered up with Science Olympiad, similar to the partnership between VEX and TSA. SciOly already has a huge following, and promoting VEX parts to a huge group of people who already signed up to do engineering/science stuff seems like a no brainer. I might probably am missing something here (like this has already been proposed before), but I just wanted to hear what the community thought.


No, because in sciOly, if you want to compete at a higher level, you have to compete in multiple events, and with vex its vex and only vex, i dont want to have to compete with a team because even if i do robotics really well, i might be stripped from a team because i only do robotics, so that freinds is why i dont want that in my life.

So why does TSA have a VEX event? Plus, if your school has a VEX club and a SciOly team, they can stay separate. Adding VEX as an optional SciOly event would give people like me more to do (I am doing 2 events for SciOly). I get it for people that take on 4-6 events out of the gate are not going to have the time to do a VEX event, as it is very time consuming. However when I did trebuchet years ago (second at state) there was hours and hours put into building, testing, and finalizing it. Not a whole lot different than VEX if you ask me…

@West_ i spend at least 3-4 hours a day working on our robot, that doesnt leave any, if much time to get any othet events done, all im saying is that it would leave a lower quality of robot onto the feild, besides in missouri they already have the robotic arm challenge for high schoolers, and sompthing similar for middle schoolers