Bringing new Cortex brain online for first time

Hi Everyone,
We ran into some difficulties bringing our 6 new Cortex brains online for the first time, and wanted to share the procedure we used here @ Pennington Traditional School, PWCS, Manassas, VA.

Credit for this written list goes to Mrs. Sherry Hilberg (Science & Robotics Teacher)

New Cortex Brain

  1. Plug into computer with A to A cable
  2. Install Wizard
    New Joystick
  3. Plug into computer with A to A cable
  4. Install Wizard
    Update firmware in Cortex Brain
  5. Choose workstation Only
  6. Login
  7. Open RobotC
  8. Attach a battery to the Cortex Brain
  9. Attach the A to A cable from the Cortex to the computer port
  10. Turn on the power on the Cortex Brain
  11. Choose “Robot” in the menu bar
  12. Choose “Download Firmware”
  13. Choose “Manually Update Firmware”
  14. Choose “Master CPU Firmware”
  15. Choose “Standard File” ……download will occur
  16. Choose “Robot” in the menu bar
  17. Choose “Download Firmware”
  18. Choose “Manually Update Firmware”
  19. Choose “RobotC Firmware”
  20. Choose “Standard File”…… download will occur
  21. Unplug, turn off and replug from the computer port if you get the “no communication…”message & repeat above steps
    Update firmware in Joystick
  22. Choose workstation only ( if inside a Firewall Blocked WAN/LAN, such as Novell )
  23. Login
  24. Open RobotC
  25. Make sure you have batteries in the Joystick
  26. Attach the A to A cable from the Joystick to the computer port
  27. Turn on the power on the Joystick
  28. Choose “Robot” in the menu bar
  29. Choose “Download Firmware”
  30. Choose “Manually Update Firmware”
  31. Choose “Vexnet Joystick Firmware”
  32. Choose “Standard File” ……download will occur
    Pairing the Cortex Brain to the Joystick
  33. Attach the A to A cable to both the Cortex Brain and Joystick
  34. Turn them both on
  35. One green light should stay lit and another should blink slowly.

Not sure if there is an easier method, if you know one, please post it in reply to this thread.

John Merrow ( Mentor & Roving Coach )