Bringing Things To Hold Ball Preloads?

Hello there,
I am a mentor on a VRC middle school team and I was wondering if instead of those trays that VEX tournaments usually supply for the field preloads, are teams allowed to bring like a plastic box to a competition to hold the balls and reach from there to load? The reason I am asking this is because the student on the team prefers to have balls in a box rather than the tray. I didn’t see anything in the rules.

Thank you

As per this rule, I do not believe so. I had wondered the same thing as the tournaments in our region make us load the DCL’s out of a mesh bag for skills.

Unfortunately, this has been deemed illegal, so as to maintain an even playing field. Karthik made an official ruling in this thread:

And @Mr. Vex, we feel you. Those bags stink.