Bringing your own field to Worlds


I was wondering if it is possible to bring your own field to worlds? I assume it would be impossible to bring it to the convention center. Is that true? Could it be kept at a hotel? I heard some talk of people getting meeting rooms at their hotel for fields. Any ideas or suggestions?


I’ve seen teams place their field in their pits, especially if they have multiple teams attending. One pit becomes the practice field and another becomes the team meeting place for their entourage.

Yes, it is possible.


I have not ever been to worlds but I know other people that bring fields to both hotel rooms and sometimes the pits in the convention center. Because of this, I believe that you are able to bring your field to worlds.

One club that I know has brought fields to worlds is the Haverford School(169). Below is a link to a vlog that one of their members posted last year where they show fields in their hotel room along with a field (or at least elements) to their pit.


At worlds, I saw multiple teams bring their own fields so it is definitely possible. I was able to practice on some of the fields and try to get high scores which was fun as well.