British Columbia Championships at BCIT

Looking forward to seeing about sixty teams at the British Columbia Institute of Technology gymnasium this weekend.

The teams are split into two divisions, Div A, for those who have been doing well this season in the competitions leading up to the event, and Div B for teams that have been struggling or have joined mid-year and not had a chance to “catch up” to the Div A teams.

I’m hoping to see David Thompson’s 1346 goal grabber working a bit more efficiently, and I know that one of the Gladstone teams has something special in the works.

But mostly I’m looking forward to seeing a higher level of autonomous competition in the A Division… those extra autonomous points are going to be huge at Worlds, so now is the time to start scoring them!

I’ll be there! Hopefully our robot will be built by then and work and not be in pieces >.< See you there? =D

Team 7331A~

Will there be an autonomous skill challenge for each division, or one for both divisions?

Webcast right now at

Tough competition, a few matches were decided by ONE ring …

We did not win many autonomous rounds … ramming autonomouses seemed to work the best to keep it tied. Then there was 1107c … with their autonomous intended to tip your robot …

Does anyone have videos of the eliminations?

From what I saw, the west coast style seemed to be fighting over just a few rings, rather than scoring entire stacks…

And yes… Y’all have lots of matches down to just that one ring… It’s a little too close for me… and my coaches… :stuck_out_tongue: (they say we give them heart attacks with those one-point margin wins…)

The worse part about those one point wins is that on two ocassions , we won because the opponent was touching their own ring …

Do you guys have a lot of stacks of four left at the end ? O____O " There arent many rings to score… every match has at least 2 stacks of both teams under the ladder.

We don’t tend to have many 4-stacks scored by the end of matches, except for matches with robots not running. We had a match where it was really only 1 VS 1, and the opponent went under the ladder to hang. This pretty much made it a Driver Skills run for us, and we were able to control SP’s pretty good. We got a lot of them that round and it really helped us get to the #1 seed. (This was at the VMAC.) Really it’s that not too many teams use the “Put a stack on, take 2 (or 3) off.” strategy yet on the East Coast. So, a couple stacks are scored, and soon after pulled right back off by a 12 robot or something of the sort.


At the competition, almost nobody scored full stacks. Our region is too focused on descoring to make it feasible. Also, the two stacks that tended to be in the ladder were the ones on the other team’s starting squares.
There was a lot of descoring action going on, and if you couldn’t descore quickly, you would lose. A lot of low scoring matches, with the top three seeded teams getting 116, 85 and 84 SP in 6 quals. The finals were a bit more than who could score and descore the fastest, though. We’ll show you what we mean at worlds.

I WOULD OF RECOREDED THE WHOLE DAY IF I ACAULLY KNEW ABOUT IT FROM FRIDAY. and I only did the ram auto becuz Easy C would DC EVERYTIME I TRIED DOWNLOADING A CODE ONTO IT the “ram” code was acaully my real auto but the values are just off==

the whole point of a claw is so it can score stacks quickly (and do challenges)
but if you score a stack and take some off (not saying it is a bad strategy) is it still more efficient than a needle?
just something i thought i’d put out there

I’m also surprised that nobody really locked bases in the corner during my elimination matches .

@murdo What happened to your drive ? It seemed to trip the breaker or something in the semi’s. Also, what happened with that screw with spacers that seemed to screw you over and force you to drive backwards in the qualifications.

yeah, we are not too sure what happened to the drive (maybe it was because we got rammed during autonomous)
and the spacer thing was a bad “prototype” that my teammate ha rushed
at least we still won that qual :confused:

as for locking goals, that eats up A LOT of batteries!
and near the end of the day, all our batteries were all “yellow”
also, congratz on your win!
seems like Gladstone has upped their game in preparation for worlds!

What happened with moscrop too ? They seemed to have a problem with their descore or something. Was that spacer thing to keep you from tipping or something ?

it was to keep tubes that went under us…
but we resorted to driving more carefully :slight_smile:

I kinda want to drive OVER tubes after seeing a few videos of robots who could do that , they seem so much more mobile

its not that claws cant be as efficient as needle bots because in a game with alot of pushing, claws actually have an easier time scoring and protecting goals. Really it just depends on situation.

That’s why you make an alliance with both :smiley:

Tournament Results for Division A

DivA-QRoundRank.pdf (9.44 KB)
DivA-ERoundLadder.pdf (6.3 KB)
DivA-PSkills.pdf (6.51 KB)
DivA-RSkills.pdf (6.88 KB)

It was a very good experience being in Division A on my second year of VEX, and first for the rest of my team. It was fun being in Division A, but it seems that people are just much more experienced and play much differently. Almost all the games were really close call, descore here, descore there… It was as if we just protected 2 goal post with full rings on them, it would be an almost sure win. Also I didn’t see anyone try to hang off the ladder.