British Columbia Season Opener 2011 at Cambie

I attended this event yesterday:

64 teams
Four competition fields
One Skills field
One practice field
Two pit displays
Automated Inspection check-in
A complete 24-team consolation Elimination to go with the 24-team Championship Elimination
GREAT competition

Watching the robots yesterday I can’t believe this is only a December tournament. The competition was wild.

I didn’t take many videos, and I didn’t have my hi-def camera with me, but you can see some match video here.

And I was busy doing some judging and tech inspection/support… so I don’t have my usual photo gallery to post.

But I do have to say that I was really pleased with how the consolation finals worked out.

For those who weren’t there we had 64 teams registered. We did normal qualifying rounds and a normal alliance selection process.

Normally that would mean that 24 teams would advance and 40 would be done for the day.

So after doing the normal alliance selection process (and thanks to some technical wizardry by the computer magicians) we did a second alliance selection process for a consolation finals round and another 24 teams advanced to the consolation finals.

This was a great chance for novice and struggling teams to experience elimination play. Not only did they go away happy that they were able to get more games in and have some exciting stories to tell when they got home, or back to school on Monday, but they gained experience competing in an elimination format. I think this format will make teams from the B.C. / Washington area even stronger in future years.

If only we’d had another eight teams (and a bit more time) we could have done an “A” and “B” consolation round.

Thanks again to everyone who made the trip… the Vancouver Island and Okanagan teams that had to drive down a day early, and the Washington teams who were on the bus shortly after 5:00am to get here on time.

And also thanks to all the volunteers. The Cambie students were great, Brian Yu and the David Thompson Students who handled the field and computer technical set up did another amazing job, and, of course, our tournament director and Pacific Youth Robotics Society President, Lance Balcom for making this another outstanding event.


Competition went smoothly… didn’t notice any questionable play or argument over the rules. Consolation elims were a very cool idea and competition in both that and the primary matches were both very strong!

Hopefully more videos/pictures emerge soon.

Thanks to everyone at H.J. Cambie, David Thompson and all the volunteers and staff for a very well run tournament. With 4 fields to run, the schedule moved very smoothly. The queuing/runners kept everything smooth and the schedules behind the fields manned by the staff were very effective to keep everyone on time.

The competition at the tournament was very impressive, considering it is only December.

Tournament Champions: 1492X, 1492A, 2Z
Tournament Finalists: 10D, 575, 2K
Excellence Award: 1107B
CAD Design Award: 10B ($250 gift certificate from iDesign)
Design Award: 1492A
Robot Skills: 1492X (26)
Robot Skills 2nd: 1107B (22)
Programming Skills: 1107B (22)
Programming Skills 2nd: 1492A (18)

Other Awards:
Amaze Award: 1492X
Judge’s Choice/Create Award: 2X

I believe there were a few other awards, but I can’t remember exactly which. Team 1492A’s programmer is disappointed that the programming skills runs at tournament did not go as well as expected. Field, robot and human errors all contributed to a lower than expected score. At home, 1492A was able to recreate a 26-29 point run consistently, but that just didn’t work out at competition.

Thanks again for a wonderful tournament.