British Columbia twin tournaments in Burnaby 3-20-10

I was one of three scorekeepers (four if you count the field coordinator/boss), and, based on my notes, here are the various results.

Division A

Winners: 10Q, 575, 705A
Finalists: 2Z, 721, 1700B
Excellence: 575
Judges: 705A
Amaze: 1107A

Division B

Winners: 2W, 1107B, 705B
Finalists: 1700G, 10D, 1136A
Excellence: 10V
Judges: 7331
Amaze: 10D


Robot Skills 1st: 721 (131)
Robot Skills 2nd: 575 (130)
Programming Skills 1st: 721 (43)
Programming Skills 2nd: 1107C (31)
Rookie of the Year: 10B (came with $500 gift certificate for VEX parts!)

Special Awards

The competition was at the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT), which provided a special prize: admission to BCIT’s school of engineering to the Division A winners of the Excellence Award and Amaze Award! Very cool.

Congratulations to all the participants, and a HUGE thanks to the hordes of volunteers who made it happen, and especially to Lance Balcom and his loyal minions who organized the event.

So – three divisions next year?

Do finalists qualify for Worlds? If so, looks like Exo adds two more! Congrats to 10D and 10V!

Is there some sort of rivalry between 575 and those two gladstone teams? It seems every time they’re on opposite sides of the finalist alliances.

Do you know if there are any videos? I’d love to see the robot skills and finals matches.

We have been competing with each other since FTC 2007/8 (Quad Quandrary).

Wins and losses against each other have been quite even…

If you take competitive teams, at the top of their games, and put them together time and again, year after year… you’ll get a rivalry.

But as far as rivalries go, this is the good sort… one born of mutual admiration, and respect. The top teams from Gladstone and the Exothermics have raised the level of competition for everyone else around here, and demonstrated great sportsmanship in the process.

And… just for the record… you don’t ALWAYS see them in the finals. Just a lot of the time.

131 and 130? Yikes! Close driver skills! Must have been quite a thrill.

Mrs. TYler spent the day taking pictures: There is a certain bias towards Exothermics and to one very tall member of 575 in particular, but that’s Moms for you.