Broadcast command problems with Modkit

My team is having major problems with Modkit. The one that is most frustrating is where the broadcast commands do not work. This is causing us to try to perfectly time different motors and therefore making us spend more time on programming than we would like. For example, if we say on the brain’s blocks “When start-broadcast forward” and then on the two wheel motors’ blocks we say “When forward-spin FWD for 45 deg”, it will not recognize that it needs to spin and will do nothing when we download it. We have updated all our motors, sensors, and our brain for Modkit. If anyone knows why this problem is occurring, please tell me!

Hi. We’re sorry you are experiencing these issues. This sounds like a bug in broadcast that has been identified and fixed in the upcoming release. But let’s verify this is your issue first. Can you please send a .mkc file for a project that does not work as expected? You can use the “download” button under the “project” dropdown menu if you are using the web version of Modkit for VEX. If you are using the beta desktop version you’ll need to locate the .mkc in your project folder (project folder is listed when you click project->browse.)

Once you locate or download the .mkc please send it to and cc: Once we verify the issue we can send you a patch if you will be working with your team before we release the new version early next week. Thanks!

It’s fine, we switched back to RobotC because of bugs in Modkit and RobotC now has graphical programming. Thanks for trying to help though.

No problem. And just FYI the known broadcast issue was fixed in the latest release (April 9 version of Modkit Link). If anyone has any additional code that does not work as expected please send it along with the instructions listed above.