Broken Joysticks - Warning

Hi, we seem to be breaking alot of things… Both spare cortexs broke a while back and now our spare joysticks have gone :frowning:

In both cases, when the joysticks are turned on the lights flash and then dont stay on, and does not connect. One of the joysticks failed a vexnet update causing this and we are not sure what sure what caused the other. I thought id just warn everyone to be careful with them and if the vexnet update freezes, done unplug it or end the process as your joystick will then be useless - does anyone from Vex know what to do in this situation for future reference? We tried to re-update it but because it cannot connect this could not be done. We would also like to know if this has occurred before, and if there is a way to fix them.

Just a word of warning,


Have you tried sending an email to

Have your tried using a paper-clip to hold down the reset-config button, turn on the joystick and hold the paper-clip for 5-10 seconds (until the lights flash differently) ? That usually works for me.

Actually we haven’t. Now i feel dumb. We just assumed we had basically bricked them when the lights weren’t going on at all.