Broken Mobile Goal Counted?

If the post/ branch were to be detached from any of the mobile goals during the match, and that mobile goal was then scored for one alliance, does it count. I looked in the manual but couldn’t find anything definitive. In past years such as Turning Point and Starstruck the ruling was that if the low flag was rotated fully around, it didn’t count and if a star broke it just wouldn’t count. Does the same logic apply?

broken goals still count, but keep in mind that it’s the base of the goal that gets considered in scoring it. I doesn’t matter where or in how many peices the posts have broken into, all that matters is where the base is.

it’s unfortunate that goals are so fragile, it seems like you can rely on at least one goal breaking in half your matches, but the best approach seems to be to just ignore the breakage and keep going, because it almost always has no effect on either alliance.


Only the goal base counts for points. There is a q and a about whether or not the rings on the detached post still counts

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We ran into a match (Finals, I believe) where the Y part of the short Yellow Goal detached, leaving it looking like an Alliance Goal. A Ring then managed to make its way “on” the branch, like one would normally score on an Alliance Branch.

It was only 1 ring and the difference between awarding it 1 point versus 3 wasn’t match affecting (if it was, we would have replayed the match). We decided to award it 1 point, as it was touching the Yellow Base and not on a Yellow Branch.


I had this happen in a match, it was counted as scored because it was on our side. There was a ring on the top post, and because we lost the elimination match either way, and the refs thought it was funny and scored it for us (they said if it was match effecting, they would have done a redo.)

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I saw that Q and A and knew it wasn’t answered yet, which is the reason for this discussion. Also is the ruling that the goal counts the current ruling simply because the manual or Q and A doesn’t say it shouldn’t be counted as scored?

I mean the base was in your zone and there is no rule against it that I know of so…

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I was meaning that more of for the ring that was scored, not the base, the base makes sense, but the ring was scored accidentally and right after the pole fell off

I know. The rings are only scored if the yellow mogo is in your zone. The post is part of the mogo, and the mogo is in your home zone because the base is in your zone. So technically the ring counts.

I know by right we shouldn’t just apply previous seasons ruling on current season.

But so far if the game elements broke, then too bad, it will not be scored.

Classic example will be Skyrise - if the Skyrise section broke during the match (which interestingly it was not uncommon during. Worlds), then all the Skyrise sections and cubes that fell out will not be counted.

So in this season context, i would imagine it all depends on where do the rings fall into after the branch broke off?

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ugh - reliving that …