Broken Motor?

We were testing the motors with the VEX Code app, but the motor will not turn, we also noticed the motor is fire hot!

I would guess your motor’s hardware inside is broken, and you’ll just have to scrap it. It very well could be a short, and since taking apart the motors makes them illegal to use as well as it wreaks the motor, I don’t know that there’s much hope for your motor. Sorry.


It also could be that the motor has overheated. Let it cool down for several minutes and try again. If it has cooled down but still will not show up, then what @FRC973 said might be correct. You would most likely have to replace it as modifying the electrical components of the motors are illegal.


Swap the motor out and stick the hot one in the freezer.

I don’t think putting motors in freezers is a smart idea.

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Well, it worked…

Just cause it worked doesn’t mean its right.

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Even broken clock shows right time twice a day.

If motor doesn’t turn and gets hot without any load - then it is almost certain short due to crushed motor brushes.

For V5 motor you could try to swap its internal, but IQ motors are welded shut and are not user serviceable.

If its is still under warranty then try to replace it with vex tech support. If out of the warranty - take it apart to see what’s inside to satisfy your curiosity.


How young and immature are you to ask for help, and then insult someone trying to give you help? Respect your elders.


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