Broken Neutral Mogo

The tallest Neutral mogo’s pole is almost breaking off, such that the yellow plastic the pole is inserted into is really close to being completely separated from the base of the mogo. If anyone knows any fix to this issue it will be much appreciated, and I will try to provide a picture as soon as possible.

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The pipes in the game elements are standard PVC pipe that you can get at any Home Center, so you could replace the pipe, and then use the repaired mogo for your practice field.

I think the issue is not with the pipe itself but the friction fit socket in the goal. These are the weakest point in the assembly, I’ve had three of these break just through regular gameplay. And unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be any easy way to fix them well. I’ve seen teams take a duct tape approach and just put a ton of tape around the post.

Luckily, for practice purposes the posts of the neutral goals aren’t super important, unless you’re actually trying to score rings on them.

Yeah my team doesn’t really even use rings at all so it’s not the biggest issue, it’s just kind of a noussance.

If your team doesn’t do rings, you could take the pole off and tape something in the base roughly equal to the weight of the removed pole. It wouldn’t be as top heavy so you won’t get as accurate with it, but it’ll make it last longer and you can test your lift with it since it’ll still be the same weight.

If you have access to a 3D Printer and you do want the tree to stay attached, you could try my fix!