Broken pin on encoder

One of the pins on our encoder has broken off.
How feasible is it to replace the connector or is it better to just replace the whole unit.

I would recommend replacing the encoder.

While you can solder on the connecter from a 3 wire extender cable, the soldered joints could be unreliable and return bad readings.

If the encoder is on a non-competition robot using a repaired one isn’t a bad idea, while on a competition robot use a new one. One less thing to worry about at a tournament :slight_smile:

It’s quite feasible, it just needs to be done properly and it will be as good as new.

Ok I’ll try and have a go at repairing it

What is the size, type etc of the connector if I was to buy one?

You can remove the connector housing (if you are careful) then replace the pin with something like this.

There is also some details on servo connectors here.

The VEX connectors are almost, but not quite, the same as standard servo connectors (which is why you need to save the housing). For one or two pins you can use pliers instead of a crimp tool and perhaps then solder it to add strength. The pins are cheap, have a go at fixing it, if nothing else it will be a good learning experience.