Broken Sacks

We have run into a dilemma.
Our team has broken two sacks and we are going to be running a scrimmage this weekend and i was wondering what to fill the bags with because we can’t get enough of the beads because they were all over the floor.


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We have this problem too, some of our sacks have a 55 gram difference … they’re only going to get worse as the year goes on :eek:

We had this problem at the beginning of the season and suffered from several bags splitting. The intakes on robots have not really changed but the rate of bag splitting has greatly reduced almost stopped. We can only guess that the bags that split had dodgy stitching and that re-sewing them has made the problem go away.

You may want to consider re-sewing your bags before they split. However this may be overkill.

Yes yes yes! We have some bags that weigh more than others. It is really weird…

Not a direct answer to the problem at hand, but to prevent sacks from splitting just cut the tags instead of tearing them off. We did this to the ones we’ve removed and been pretty rough with them, with no casualties.

Here in NZ you can buy beanbag filler from various shops that sell fabrics and linen and the like, I assume it’s the same in the USA. I’m not exactly an expert in beanbags but you can probably find a size of bead that matches those in the sacks well enough, it might be more of a problem finding a bag small enough. Then it would be just a matter of filling the sacks till they are about the same weight and volume as the intact ones and sewing them shut.

Wouldn’t be acceptable for a major competition of course, but probably fine for an unofficial scrimmage.

However, it might be easier just to borrow sacks for the day off other teams who have bought object kits or have welcome kits from registration. Depends how many are broken I guess.