Broken Stars - how to fix

Ok, out of the 7 star pieces, 2 have broken in different ways. One broke in one of the four point indents within hours of unpacking (on a bus where we were trying to figure out what was possible), the second was the two point piece broke into two. I am worried about the durability of the stars given this happened during “exploration” of the pieces, not the hard abuse we will be seeing in competition. If a star breaks, how to repair it? What to do during competition where there may not be a spares kit?


Hopefully quality improves like the nbn balls. If stars are braking in transport, I have no clue if stars will be able to survive competitions.


Perhaps, what would be the appropriate glue to use?

I’ve heard people say hot glue works perfectly.

Gorilla glue or 2 part epoxy

I would be careful with super glue as it might eat the foam


We apologize for your issues with your Stars. We have found that Hot Glue is a better solution to repair damaged stars, as it tends to form a stronger bond than super glue. Again, we apologize for the inconvenience.

@VEX Support Does the 3 month warranty apply to the stars, so you would replace them?

I would also recommend hot glue. We repaired one star with hot glue and I’m pretty sure the new joint is significantly stronger than the foam itself.

One note, if you are using a high temp glue gun you may want to ooze some glue onto some paper or something first, then apply it to the foam with a popsicle stick or something (so it can cool a bit first). Depending on the temperature of the gun you could possible melt/contract the foam a bit causing a weak bond.

Out of all of the people I have discussed this with (I don’t have the kit yet), the best way would be hot glue and maybe a bit of sand paper to clean it up.

It may not last forever but, it is better than replacing and buying new stars.

If Stars, or any other items, have issues out of the box related to quality we will replace them.

In any case, please contact VEX Support with any issues. We’ll work with you and do our best to resolve the situation.