Broken Ultrasonic Senor

When I wasn’t looking some of the kids were looking at the ultrasonic sensors, out of curiosity they pressed on one of screens of the transducers, and now it is down in a good cm. Plugged it in and tested it, it always returns 26214. I tried to pull the screen back up, however the mesh is so tiny so everything that I could fit in was not strong enough to pull it back up. I gently pushed on the good one and it easily moved about 1/2 cm.

  1. Are they supposed to be that easy to break, or did it come from a bad batch?
  2. Any suggestions for how to pull them back up (hopefully that would fix it)?
  3. What transducers are used? I know it probably will not be legal for competition, but I would rather at least have a working non-competition one than a non-working competition one.



We are sorry that you are having this problem. We have not previously seen this problem on any of our Distance Sensors or on the VEX Ultrasonic Sensor, which utilizes a similar design.

If the metal grill did not break off, try using tweezers to pull the grill back to its original horizontal position. If the grill is touching the transducer sensor itself, it is possible that the sound vibrations are transferring through the housing from the transmitter to the receiver.

If this does not work, please contact our VEX tech support at or 903-453-0802.


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Thank you for the response, sorry I missed seeing your response for so long.

The grill is still in good condition, but with how tiny the mesh is the tweezers cannot grab a hold of it.

I will contact them, thank you for your help.