Broken V5 Brain Coding Port

So at a recent competition, we were coding an auto. Then, we plugged a cable in and it did not detect a brain. we tried multiple computers and cables, but no luck. Turns out our port is fried. What do we do? can we no longer code for months until we can buy a new one? or will vex send us one without the hold?

By the way, we did win tournament champs. our alliance partner had the highest scoring auto in the tournament, but that didnt matter when we had total control over flags and parking

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I don’t believe you can do anything until you get a new brain. There is a weird thing on the brain that you can assign motors to different buttons on the controller, but it’s a little sketchy to be honest.

As @Chris_A said, the best option now is to try to get in touch with VEX tech support to arrange for the V5 brain replacement. Since you told us you became tournament champ, I would assume you qualified for States and could afford to wait few weeks before replacement arrives.

Also, you said that your Micro USB port is fried, which would imply electrical damage (like from static discharge), but more likely that it is just the connector that has some mechanical damage. See this thread for suggestions how to avoid this in the future:

However, to answer a hypothetical question of what to do if your USB port breaks during the competition and you must upload a program no matter what - there is a Micro SD route.

I would assume that if you can upload a program onto the MicroSD card on the working V5 brain and then move it to your V5 then it is going to work. I haven’t done it myself, so cannot guarantee that it will work, but @jpearman must know the answer.

It also may be possible with PROS to save a program directly onto MicroSD card inserted into the computer and transfer it to V5 that way.

User programs run from the internal flash rather than the MicroSD card so I’m afraid that solution wouldn’t work.

Our team was weary of the MicroUSB ports wearing out on our brains from when we got them, (I had seen it happen first hand on the VexIQ brains) so we ordered this after it was recommended from one of our members:
Magnetic MicroUSB Cable

I have to say this was a very good investment. Especially since wireless programming has not been implemented, we can quickly connect to download programs over and over without worrying about the port getting damaged.

Is there any worry about static build-up going directly to the microusb port with that piece attached?

Haven’t had any issues yet, been using it for about a month. If there ever is I’ll update below.

I had this problem, I just waited a few days and it started working again

Also it helps to use high quality micro-usb’s

We were using the micro-usb cables that Vex included with the kits. I think we already have three cords that don’t work and at least a couple sketchy ports on a couple of brains. Are there better ones? My students really struggle with linking the robots to the computers.

I don’t know if this works, but you could try plugging in the brain to the controller and using the micro USB to download through the controller. once again I don’t know if this works but if it does please tell me.

You could now use Robot Mesh Studio to wirelessly download. The syntax in RMS is pretty much the same as in VCS except for the wait times.