Any Vex forum users a brony. If you don’t know what that is just ask. But if you are just leave a message… after the beep…BEEP

Haha, I was waiting for this to come up.
I can’t be a “brony” because I’m a girl.
Ironically though… I started watching because of a friend from robotics…

I did that to my team most of us are now. Actually the world campions had a wall bot by 2W, and it had rainbow dash on it. Therefore the secret to winning is ponies.
Oh and bro hoof /)

Team 10B (a high school World Championship finalist) is Exothermic Blaze, and their robot was named Rainbow Dash. A third of teams in the final match were named after the same pony. I’m not sure if this is weird or cool…

That is awesome! It actually came to my club from a club we have close relations with and began spreading during meetings…

It’s cool… but it could be 20% cooler if ALL of them were… or all were named after a pony in general :slight_smile:

Someone just forwarded this (you can skip thru the ad). May the Horse be with you.

Well this year were going to try to design a bot with high capacity, so I thought to my self “how can I ponify this?” my answer was the Apple Bucker 5000, a bot that will take after Big Mac himself.

Automatic win right there. Well… in my opinion anyway :b

I wanted to call one of our designs the party cannon just to see who got the reference at competitions.

You would think that Exothermic would named there bot Spitfire rather than Rainbow Dash.

I have a friend who is doing that.

He says Spitfire is best pony…

that is the weirdest way I have ever seen of spelling Twilight Sparkle

You spell Rarity in a weird way.