Brown out mixing power sources

I actually have 2 questions. One is that is it normal for drives connected to the power expander to run noticeably slower? Assuming this is true, is it possible that if three motors are chained together (two from PE and one from cortex) that this might cause stalling? Possibly from the drag caused by the two on the one? FYI… We intentionally split them to spread wheel motors across high/low and PE.

Motors connected properly to the power expander should not run noticeably differently from motors connected directly to the Cortex.

If you have motors chained together, verify that they all turn in the correct direction and are running (run each motor individually).

Also make sure to check the internal gearing of each motor. That’s something you definitely don’t want happening.

If the power expander battery is significantly lower the cortex’s then the motors will turn slower

If you have either of these problems, it should be very clear that there is a big issue, not just motors running slightly slower.

Our sister team had 2 speed motors and a torque one one side of their drive and 3 torque on the other. It still drove straight because they had a bunch of friction on one side lol. Check it just to be sure. Never hurts.

Yep. I’ve triple checked the gearing. We went from 2.75 Omnis with turbo (occasional stalling under hard driving) to 3,25 omnis with speed. No stalling but net loss of speed. stalling was always on left side and there a different sound the left motors make. I replaced all 6 motors and still same. The only difference I’ve found is that the left side mixes 2 motors from PE an 1 from cortex (port 7.). Next is to try replacing motor controllers. Thanks for the feedback. I wish it was a simple answer