Browser based triangle banding visualizer!

I know I already have linked this before, but the thread has seemed to have died, and I’m seeing really good teams not using handle banding for some reason or another (cough 6007 cough). It’s much less confusing to use now that I’ve added a tutorial, and it’s now more easy to use. One thing the tutorial neglects is the ability to change the distance between the bars, but it is a feature.

Thanks, we will be using this…

I have written a similar project with newer users in mind. It neglects some important features of your project but instead uses easy interaction to help explain the fundamental concept of triangle banding. If you are a more advanced user, stick to antechamber’s version. If you want a more simplified, hands-on interface, I encourage you to try out

It seems like you want the bands to provide more resistance as the arms approach horizontal and reduce as you increase the angle beyond where they are parallel to the ground. As you approach parallel the load is most affected by gravity. The load here is furthest (horizontally) from the fulcrum is most mechanically disadvantaged. Is this built into the model?

I’ll take a look at antichamber’s code and see what I can find.

At a glance, it does not seem to take this into account. I’d like a confirmation of this from @antichamber, however.