Browser-based version of Robot Mesh Studio?

Are teams using the browser-based version of Robot Mesh Studio , or do people generally use the Windows-based version? We are a Macbook Air school, and after hearing some tough reviews of VCS, I’m looking at alternatives for some rookie teams. Robot Mesh apparently has a virtual environment for V5, but I don’t know how well any of that would work in our Apple ecosystem.

Our team used the browser-based version of RMS last year because we liked the idea that we could all access the code from anywhere. However, it requires WiFi, and because of that, we weren’t able to fix our program at nationals and ended up losing our last two autons because of it. I would recommend using VexCode or Pros rather than the browser-based RMS.

Thank you. That’s what I wanted to know!

You can use RMS offline using the RMS Desktop software or RMBuild,
I believe it can still sync online, but you have a local copy.

Those are Windows-only tools. We don’t have versions for other OS’s, and cross-platform offline support will likely take a different shape than the current RMS Desktop and RMBuild tools do when we do get to that development goal.

The vast majority of our customers use the online version.

Also note that RMS Desktop and rmbuild do not currently auto-update. When VEX releases V5 firmware updates, offline users have to download and reinstall in order to get the new version.