Brushless Motor on V5


Some students have built a robot out of VEX V5 with a vex brain for a project and are looking to use a brushless motor with it. I could not give any guidance to them, cursory searching has led me to various posts here and I saw a post on controller 29 maybe being able to be used? Although it looks to be for vex cortex.

Could anyone give me any advice to pass along. Perhaps integration with an arduino or other micro controller for just the brushless and then connect it to the V5 brain in some way?

You would need an ESC matched to whatever brushless motor they want to use, it will be externally powered.

The most appropriate VEXcode class will then be motor_victor class, it generates servo pwm on a 3wire port.

An example (not a recommendation) of an ESC would be.

(and obviously this is not VRC competition legal)


I’ll look into that, thank you very much!

Yes, it is not VRC related, for a project with a small part that needs a brushless, but our classroom has a large array of vex parts (mostly V5, our cortex supply has just been replaced and put into storage) and it was easiest for them to start building.

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There are lots of different ESCs, make sure it’s matched to the motor and can accept servo pwm (a 1-2mS pulse approximately every 20mS) at 3.3 volts.