Brushless motors???

Are there any brushless motors in the VEX nothing but net kits?

Nope. All VEX VRC motors are brushed.

as long as we are on the topic, has anyone actually experienced problems with the brushes wearing out? They seem pretty resilient on those 393 motors, and even the oldest ones that we have seem to have good brushes when we open them up after they fail.

Based on this thread it seems to be possible but definitely a rarity.

Thanks…I was just wondering.
My concern is that will running the VEX 393 motors on full power for extended periods of time wear out the brushes? I’m talking about 20+ mins of usage, twice a week. (Plus more for the VEX competition itself)

That amount of usage defiantly wouldn’t provide any significant wear, we run our launcher motors for three periods of 30 minutes at least four times a week (over 360 minutes of 60% power every week!) and still haven’t been able to find a single motor with worn brushes. It seems like gears or wires fail before that, or a failing PTC.