Bsod fake

Well, just get an image of a blue screen for your background. Then, right-click empty space, select View, and uncheck Show Desktop Icons. Now, right-click your taskbar, click Properties, and check Auto-hide. If you have any sidebars or similar, disable them.

I can do ya one better, a friend of mine developed a registry entry that created a BSOD “hotkey.” Basically you hit something like ctrl + shift + b + F9 and your computer really crashed into a BSOD. it was fun but not advised.

Cody Smith,
Polynomic 3D

Mines is safer, I guess, just in case your ******** (reg|stry) editing messed up.

True… But it is fun to really BSOD. You could run a Virtual machine just to make it BSOD but that’s a really complicated way of doing something pointless and silly.