Buffalo Area Vex v5 Competitions

Does anyone know of any potential Vex HS competitions in the Buffalo area. We are just getting started. We have offered POE, PLTW, for a while now and have all the supplies and would like to start a team. Any advice on budgeting for a team would also be great.

There is already a large number of topics about starting a team so i would suggest giving those a look.

Welcome to the forum! There is a wealth of information in the REC Foundation Knowledge Base here:
That will help you in getting your team up and running. The season is now coming to an end but the new game will be unveiled at Worlds at the end of April so then you will be able to start work on the new season.
All events are listed at www.robotevents.com. Go into the VRC section and then you can filter there by your region. There will not be many events on there at the moment, because we are right at the end of the season with most local events having already taken place. However, if you change the filter to show competitions back to May 2022, you can see where all the events took place this season to give you an idea.
If you have any questions, you can always contact your REC Foundation Team Engagement Manager - find out who to contact here: Robot Events

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Very helpful. Thank you.

I am an event partner in Elmira, NY. Usually, there are tournaments in Canasaraga, Cuba-Rushford, and RIT, as well as mine in Elmira. There are also a number of tournaments in the Syracuse area. When iDesign was still able to resell VEX stuff in NY, they hosted a tournament with a school in the Buffalo area, but that hasn’t happened recently.

There are quite a few teams near Buffalo. I know there are some in the south towns and then some over between Buffalo and Rochester. We are in Erie PA and so a short hour and a half away from you. We run a couple of competitions in and around Erie so that would be an option for you. I as well would like to see more teams on the west side of Buffalo as well. There was a company called iDesign that was selling Vex products, they might be a resource?

Feel free to reach out to me if you have questions or need someone to help advocate for a team.