Bug in Turning Point score calculator in VRC Hub

I’d like to point out a bug in the VRC Hub Turning Point score calculator.

In the first picture, the right upper corner flag, when toggled for red (but also happens for blue) shows 1 point, while the flag to the left of it, i.e. the upper middle flag, is toggled for 2 points, as shown in the second picture. I thought this was weird, seeing as the low flags are at the bottom in the real game, yet when I checked all the other flags, the right column flags were assigned as low flags and the other columns the high flags, as shown in the third picture.

This is counterintuitive, as the scoring calculator should have the bottom row be low flags, like in the real game. Teams and spectators doing unofficial scoring using this app that are not aware of the problem would get messed up results and possibly a lot of complaints during the competition. I’d like to see this fixed.

I’m using an iPhone 7 with iOS 11, if that matters, but this calculator came out automatically without a full-blown update from the App Store, and the calculators for the other games work intuitively, so I suspect that neither the operating system nor the app itself isn’t the issue here. If anyone using an Android has this problem also, please post here.

Another one: If you add floor caps to the calculator, you can make the high scored caps negative.

OS: Android

I’d suspect that the app developers checked the last column of the array of flags they likely created in code, instead of the last row. It’s pretty easy to mess that up syntax-wise, but good thing someone found it early haha.

On my device (Android 8.1, app version 1.0.11), the flags score correctly (bottom row is low, top two are high), but the ‘going negative’ bug is present.

Thanks for pointing this out. We actually fixed the 1 point flags on the right instead of bottom for iOS on April 17th, but a merge mistake meant it wasn’t included in the initial release. The next time you open the app/calculator it should be fixed.

The Android issue requires a new release of the app which should be out soon.

Also, the iPhone version lets you park 6 robots on the platforms. Don’t know about android.

Not for me, only four total combined…

@Dave Flowerday Thanks for the quick fix - I was going to send a suggestion to change the orientation… but that has been fixed. As a feature, some visual indication of low row flags being less points… perhaps you could have the high pole blank background extend down to both rows of high scoring flags so it looks in the same scoring group. I would be inclined to put the floor caps near the low flags and have the parking row be below the caps and flags… but that’s probably just me - see if the the UX group agrees. Cognitively, the scorers will work on the high points, then low points, then the parks…

Android will allow 6 robots if you figure out the right combination. :slight_smile: We’ll fix it that soon as well

Hey, leave it in - gotta have goals in life! six bots on center platform!

Both bugs have been fixed on the Android side and should be in the store soon. Let us know if you come across anything else that isn’t working as expected.

On my android phone, the numbers by the parking platforms are a bit messed up, as are the caps resting on the tiles. Also, the app crashes whnever I try to tap a flag or the little trash can icon. I’ve attached a screenshot for you.

Oh, and disclaimer: I have a really old android running android 4.4 or something like that, so that may be the cause of the issue.

@seearin Which device are you using? Sometimes devices land in strange resolution buckets and we have to make some tweaks to make them look good.

For the crash, when it happens can you click the report button? That’ll help us pinpoint what’s going on if we’re not able to reproduce it on our end. In this case though, I was able to reproduce and see what the issue is. You’re right, it is in fact due to the older version of Android. We’ll get a fix in for you soon.

Thanks for your feedback and patience

I’ve got a samsung galaxy core prime. I also hit the report button, and described the problem. Thanks for being so helpful!

We just released a version that fixes the crash due to tapping the flags or the clear icon in older versions of Android.

6 robot game confirmed?


This is not an issue on Iphone 8

It looks like an Android device. That bug was fixed in the latest release; make sure you’re using version 1.0.13 or newer.

Yea, Android.