Bug in VEX IQ Rise Above Tournament Manager

So we are going to run a number of events soon for VEX IQ Rise Above, and as we were testing everything out to ensure that it worked, we came across what seemed like a bug in Tournament Manager. From what I can see, this is a valid score, but TM says it’s not. When you do any more than one completed stack, it says the score in invalid. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions for me?


Maybe have to fill in all of the drop in boxes, or maybe just uninstall the app, it may work, or not, I am just telling if I had the same problem

I filled in the appropriate drop boxes, three of them are purple. Are you saying that you are having the same problem?

no I just saying If I had that problem I would remove the app and reinstall it

I reinstalled the app, and I got the same results. Any other suggestions?

This issue with score validation was identified earlier this summer and is already fixed in the next TM release which is pending approval now.

It’s just an issue with one of the validation formulas and doesn’t stop you from saving scores.