Bug with distance sensor

On my robot my distance sensor says things are 1032 inches away unless they are about 15 inches away or less. Does anyone else have this or is it just mine? I just updated it today but it still has this problem.

Have a look at this topic.


It looks like you have found, by experiment, the useful range of the distance sensor…

Now that you know it’s limitation, you can work with it within your program.


There are a few possible problems:

  1. Your distance sensor may have been positioned wrong. make sure the “binoculars” are pointing directly toward the object.
  2. The object itself might be too small to detect. Make sure the object is obvious enough.
  3. You may have passed the limit of reliable distance sensor range.

Note that distance sensors use ultrasonic waves that only travel a certain distance before fading. The ultrasonic waves have to reflect off the object directly back to the receiver in order to be detected. The useful range of distance sensors is around a foot or two, but sometimes because of the faceting of the object also causes ultrasonic radar waves to reflect in the wrong direction( Radar cross-section - Wikipedia)