Build a 3D Printer?

I found out that someone built a 3D printer using Lego building sets. Is it possible to build a 3D printer using VEX Robotics sets?

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Theoretically it probably is, whether it is practical, I doubt it.

A simpler starting point would be to build a “2D Printer”.

Build something which can use a pen to write on a piece of paper; and then learn how to program it to write a phrase.

The differences between this type of 2D, and a 3D printer are minor. You would then only need to engineer the “3D printing” part, not the Vex part.


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I started building the 3D printer but I need more parts! I wish that I could buy the rack gears without having to buy the rest of the gears in the advanced gear kit.

Look for old IBM PC and Epson dot matrix printers and HP Laser Printers at recycling stations and electronic surplus stores and E-Bay. These printers have plenty of sliders, lead screws, timing belts, cogs and gears that you could adapt and use for your Vex 3D Printer.

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speaking of imaging, does anyone know how to convert .GIF to .BIK for an animated avatar in a game.
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I found instructions for building a 2D printer from an old Lego building set (#8094) and I built it from my existing Lego parts. I found a problem with it: the upper carriage is loose so I can’t modify it to be a 3D printer.

Ok, wait. I know what a 3D printer is…I think. Can someone please give me the details of what you are trying to accomplish?

A 3D printer either craves something out of a block of material or inject something such as plastic or even chocolate to create something.

The 3D printer I have experience with is a Dimension SST. It lays down a layer of ABS plastic on the sheet in 2D. Then it prints another layer of plastic on top of the first one. This continues upwards until it has a full 3D part.

This allows for rapid prototyping of complex parts.

I was thinking of buying Sears Craftsman CompuCarve machine but I found out that the machine has a problem with the cable running from the motor in the base to the routing bit chuck in the top. Website:

I thought that the Shopbot is better but the cheapest one costs $7,000!!! Website:

I started building the base and one carriage of my 3D printer. Any suggestions on improving the design of the 3D printer?

looking good, how many advanced gear kits did it take?

Wait will they print color and everything:confused: this is probably a stupid question:o

I already bought three advanced gear kits because I thought that I would build a 4WD vehicle but it was hard for me to build the suspension system. I need another advanced gear kit and more metal pieces to finish building the 3D printer.

3d printer’s are ridiculously awesome, but I don’t see how anyone was able to make one out of legos…

How much money do you guys think that it will take to build one of these 3D printers?

thousands… even more so with all the vex parts. Vex isn’t cheap, so by the time you we’re done, if you actually got it to work miraculously, you could have probaly bought one.

It’s not stupid. 3d printers print in plastic… they quite literally print (Sorry if you already know what it is, just the question led me to think you didn’t…)

There are different colored plastics so yeah, technically it can print in color, but i don’t think you can have things be printed in more than one color… at least the one we have at school can’t.

Did you do any research trying to find references to multi-colored 3-D printers and come up empty? or are you just extrapolating from your personal experience?

Please try to be more accurate.

A Goggle search on the terms 3D + printing + color immediately yielded this URL:

Here is a snippet from the page at that URL:
[INDENT]“What is the IDEAL / Contex DESIGNmate Cx 3D Printer?
The IDEAL / Contex DESIGNmate Cx 3D Color Printer is a fast, cost effective way to create tangible 3D color models from 3D CAD data in an office environment. Engineers, Architects, Construction Firms, Reprographic Companies, and anyone requiring tangible 3D models can produce high definition models in 24-bit color with exceptional realism.”[/INDENT]

This URL takes you to their two-page PDF-formatted brochure. It contains a few illustrations. The multi-color models look pretty good. [