Build Error when Trying to Download Code

I know this question has been mentioned before in past threads, but I do not want to simply "revive a thread: or post this publicly where people will simply reroute me to those threads. So basically, what is happening is that whenever I try to build/compile the program that I’ve made in VEXcode it comes up with a build error, even if I am using the example code. The error looks something like this:
image .

I don’t really understand the stuff mentioned as solutions in other threads and I believe my versions are up to date as I’ve downloaded the most recent preview(not sure if it can be updated even more). Once again, sorry to be redundant and ask the question again, but thanks in advance!

I would definitely take a look at this thread. It should still be the same solution as far as I know.

At the bottom of the thread they posted some great C++ videos to help get a better understanding.

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Thank you for the help, but i still cant seem to identify the problem.

are you certain you are running preview 3 ?

Yes, i have even reinstalled in repair mode just to make sure that no files were corrupt. Could there be any other reason for the problem?

I would have this problem all the time before I downloaded version 3. I haven’t had it since. If you quit and relaunch the program does that fix it? that was my fix when I was using version 2.

Yes i have, and whats odd is that it used to build. About a week ago it was building and compiling perfectly and i could even download to the robot. But this week it stopped building properly, including the file that was building properly. I dont know if that might help you identify the reason, just thought i should mention it.