Build Order for VEX IQ?

I am totally new to teaching VEX IQ robotics. The class has been taught here before and we currently have 4 kits. I am ordering 3 more. But, I am having trouble finding a clear cut order that the students should build the robots. We have built the M.A.D. Box and then we built Clawbot IQ. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Are you planning on competing in the VexIQ Challenge or just teaching Robotics as an elective?

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We are just going to have the elective. The competitions are too far away from us, at this point to travel to them.

Once you get the clawbot built, you have the basics on the bases. The last few robots (like clutch) all have the same back support, so I’d go for one of them. I’m a big fan of Ike, it sort of flips the idea of where the brain can go.

At that point, I’d suggest free styling, build what they want. This is based on an average build time of 3-4 hours per robot, building 4 of the step by step designs and some play time gets you to the 25 hours or so. Based on my experience, that would be 14 weeks of time, about 1/2 of your school year.

Free style building gets you the rest of the way.

Good luck, let us know what you ended up building. We always like seeing what other teachers do.