Build Quality!

NO KEPS NUTS!!! Just use thin nylocks

I really like keps nuts with blue locktite

Yea that is fine too

Putting the same number of motors on each side of your lift. rip @6671X

Another thing I see a lot of new teams doing is use plates and bars where a c-channel, angle, etc should be used. (Although there may be scenarios when the may be acceptable.)

For example, using a plate in place of the 5-wide on the chassis in the attached image would be less efficient imo

Bearing + Screws = Magic

=What every good team does to ensure a good chassis.

Today we were walking to a match when both axles fell out of a c channel causing the channel to fall on my foot. Fixed in 2 minutes and put lots of loctite on all the shaft collars during lunch.

Someone said perfect wiring…



Still unnecessary and horrendous to fix at a comp

while it is true. Its so nice…

The wiring is perfect but you DIDNT CLIP THE ZIPTIES. Sorry it just bothers me a little

Eh not rlly, those are just extensions there. And the wiring is planned out and spread out that I can take out any connection and put it back together in mins.

Took that pic when it was still work in progress.

Perfect wiring?

Perfect building, perfect metal, perfect everything here (and everything he builds) from Mr. Pearman.