Build Requests?

Hello fellow humans! This topic is to request me or other people to build a robot. And that’s basically it…

Can you create a robot that can launch tennis balls?

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@Uriah, I want one that launches bowling balls.


I’d like one that shoots wrecking balls.


I’d like one that shoots planets thanks

P.S maybe change this to chit chat



How about a robot which can shoot badminton shuttlecocks? (We’re all having super original ideas).

Or a robot which can roll wheels across the ground?

Or a robot which can pick up 7 mogos at once? (I know there isn’t any point to being able to carry 7, but still).

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Set up two tables, two feet apart, then build a robot that can move across the gap. The robot must begin on one table, with all parts entirely within the perimeter, and finish on the second table, entirely within its perimeter.

Does having one table higher off the ground, and slanted, so the robot will fall onto the other table from gravity, count?

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The two tables may be at different heights, but the bot must be able to span the gap in either direction.