Builder Wanting to Learn to Program

So I’m a builder and I would like to learn to program but I have no idea where to start. My only guess is to start by learning what all the variables mean like coast and hold. If you guys know please let me know.

So look at tutorials, example programs and watch videos. Coast means the motor slows down and doesnt hold. like going neutral in a car while driving down a hill or coming to a rest. It can be moved without using a button. Hold is the motor stops and doesn’t allow it to move under a force until that button is pressed.

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My Dad/Teacher made a tab on his class website that goes through all the necessary aspects to learn about VexCODE. If you’re using Robot Mesh Studio or other programming languages, this won’t work, but it works for VexCODE and Vex Coding Studio. Hope this helps!

Hello there!

What sort of programming are you learning? (VEXcode text, Vex Coding Studio (VCS), VEXcode blocks…)

Edit: VCS has been discontinued. Also, VEXcode V5 text is better.

If you are using VEXcode V5 text, PM me if you have any questions. However, bear in mind that this is only my 2nd year as a programmer so I may not be able to answer all of your questions. :smiley:

Good luck and I hope you enjoy programming!

@spike Whatever you do, DO NOT use VEX Coding Studio. Full stop.


VCS has been discontinued. Use VEXcode V5 Text. Same exact language, better software.


I would strongly recommend you learn the basics of C++ before trying to program a VEX robot. There are tons of resources available that can help you learn C++, and you will almost certainly end up with a much stronger foundational knowledge than you would by using VEX as your introduction to programming. is a good resource, but there are lots of good resources in other formats (tutorial, video, book, etc.) available too.

Once you are comfortable writing basic C++ code, you should try VEXcode V5 Text (based on C++) or Robot Mesh Studio C++. If you find yourself really comfortable writing C++ code, consider switching to PROS — if you think you might want to switch, you’ll be better off doing it sooner rather than later.

Some will disagree with me, but personally I wouldn’t bother with block-based/graphical options (VEXcode V5 Blocks, Robot Mesh Studio Blockly) at all. I have successfully introduced several people, with no prior programming experience, to text-based programming in C++ (with PROS no less) without ever touching block programming. Going directly from no experience to PROS can be difficult without direct access to support, but most people, with enough motivation, really should be able to avoid block programming entirely.


I definitely agree with @Barin. PROS is not so daunting with all the support you get here. Actually the hardest part is setting it up. If you look up my posts you can find an example LVGL/Okapi PROS project.

RMS has very good support and examples.

You may also have access to Lynda via your local library. They have some very good basic courses on C/C++. Specifically this is a good 2.5 hr C course if you know very little.

Also I really like b/c they allow you to explore/write code with an online compiler/simulator.


The best advice I can give is to get a copy of your current code from your programmer and start changing things. This is how I started and if you have any questions just ask your programmer or search the forum.

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Thank you guys for responding so fast, this will help me out in learning to program
By the way I’m planning on learning vex code text

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if you need drive program or auton. just PM me and i will help you

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