Building 2 Independent Robots?

Would it be possible to create 2 independent robots using one cortex (partner controller or such), that you could squeeze into 18’18’18 connected with like a really long and reinforced motor extension cables or something?

This is referred to as a tether bot here on the forums. Yes, it is possible. But only very rarely is it practical.

The only time I saw it as practical was in Toss Up and Sack Attack. Also is it me or has this question come up multiple times in the past few weeks…

It really has. But think about the recent push bot success. I just dropped a comment on that thread, but a double pushbot could be very practical this year if people can solve entanglement issues without sacrificing alliance partner mobility.


Just kidding, I’m not doing that. (I don’t think)

Maybe if you put your wiring in some thin plastic tube, and then pick an alliance partner that can drive over it, that could solve entanglement issues.

I was thinking about putting the wires above your partner. Have something like a 2-3 foot tower coming off the top of each pushbot, with a scissor bar going in between. This should be good, but heavy. An alternate solution is have just cables coming off of these towers. But when there’s slack in the cables, they bunch up with some elastics along the height of the tower.
Although… that would be bad for incoming stars… any idea is a good idea at first though.