Building a Change up Goal

What would be the best way to go about building a change up goal. I do have access to a 3d printer, but I’m not sure quite where to start.

I would 3D print the rings of the goal, and then order some pvp pipes for the posts on the goal.



Nah he meant pvp, you gotta fight for access to those pipes


What @Xenon27 suggested is good if you need high accuracy for a long time, but if you’re just looking to test/practice with something until you can get game elements, cardboard rings (possibly double layered for more strength) will probably work just fine. For the posts, you could use pvc (pvp lol) or just paper/cardboard tubes. For most applications, this will likely be good enough until elements are shipped/you can get them.


Do you have a STL file of the rings separated from field CAD?

I got an STL file of the ring which you can download here.


You can also 3d print the back portion of the change up goal. Hope this helps.

when it comes to building it, put the nuts in, slide in the pipes, then put in the screws