Building a new robot

Our team is trying to build a robot called the elephant. Does anyone has any build instructions for this robot.

Where did you see this robot? What does it do?

All the vex-provided IQ build instructions can be found on this page.


Yeah, I’ve heard from another team that they built their robot after seeing a robot called the elephant (I think it was called the elephant). I had no clue what that was, and tried searching for it but couldn’t find anything. A link to it would be great.

But, if you want to start from one of the standard Vex builds, I would recommend Flex then modify it so the lift stays within the 15" height limit.


You have to make the robot without instructions thats what the program is about.

The program is about getting more kids interested in STEM. If it starts with building a robot from instructions that’s a great start.


That’s true, im talking about when theyre more interested

Thank you. We were researching vex robots and came across that one we’re new started a month ago. So still learning

We recently started. Girls are new to Vex. They built the claw had issues , thenThey started over and did Ike. Had to redo the base a couple times, now they’ve deciding on taking pieces from the elephant and making their own. I think they got a little flustered. Someone said this group would be great for guidance

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So true. They just started so definitely want to keep them interested

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where did you get the idea? was it from the backwards crew video on youtube?

It was on YouTube don’t quite remember the name, but that sounds about right. They were looking at many videos to find inspiration.

The YouTube video is the only source of instructions. They did a good job of showing all the key parts.

One of my roboteers made one, took about 3 hours. The Elephant uses a number of odd lengths ( i.e. 2x7 vs 2x8) but in most cases you can go with the longer beam.

It was pretty cool, but it also has some issues loading balls, so you will still need to fiddle with it.

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Thanks so much. I appreciate the feedback

Good luck to your new team! This is a good place is a good source for help.

@Foster do you have the link to the elephant video? Now I’m really curious of this mysterious robot.

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Google is your friend “VEXIQ Squared Away Elephant” gets you this link ( as the top choice.

You and @Candylee1 should post if you build it.

If people can find close up shot or video’s of these robots ( I’d love to get closer looks at the design.


Thanks for the link! Oh, I never knew that to be the elephant as I’ve seen that video recently. The “elephant” that was mentioned to me by another team should have been an older video since they built their robot in the summer. So, we may be talking different designs.

Yeah, the design of those 2 robots at the Asia Pacific Championship is something else. The part we don’t understand is the back spinners with the rubber bands. Why are they used in addition to the conveyor, and not just the conveyor. We understand everything else… intricate, but understandable design-wise.


@spaghetti_code Vexactly! Which is why I want closer pictures of it. I was hoping to see what is really going on there. I’m also interested in the drive details of the conveyor, I think there is an extra sprocket in the center.

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Sorry for the late response. I am glad someone got the link for you.

There are two different one though. I think one says new reveal and then the other is the first video that pops up like Foster said that has the video

That video was savage!!!