Building a new robot

I haven’t followed the Elephant improvements, but that’s the hallmark of VEX. Build it, compete, make it better, compete.

If you build it, let us know how you make out,

And if ANYONE has more info about the China robots in the video, let us know, there is some crazy engineering going on there.

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I just wanted to keep everyone updated!! Sooooo, the girls did build the robot. It was a great and frustrating experience for them lol, however on their trial run on the table they realized that the wheels on the left hand side were not rotating effortlessly, sometimes not at all. It seem like the wheels were too close to the the front brace/or it might have been an alignment issue.

They didn’t have this issue when they built the base first. Realizing this issue they thought to use a longer shaft. The issue with that was they figured they could not switch the shaft at that point as it would all fall apart.

Separate from that the elephant was outside the height restriction and the configured it, but it offset the ball and conveyer belt. The ball didnt roll smoothly on the top.

I’m out first completion is on Saturday and I think if they had enough time to tinker with it they may have gotten it. But they didn’t think they did, so they are doing a different one.


Thanks for sharing the experiences. Yeah, it comes down to the little details. Curious, do you have any pictures? What design did they decide to go with?

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