Building a V5 Bot

Looking for suggestions and tips when switching to V5 to avoid bugs and damaging motors.

  1. Update VCS to 1.02 and connect all batteries (if you have more than 1).
  2. Down load the standalone updater here and verify everything is updated.
  3. Verify batteries blink all 4 lights (simultaneously) with short on and long off once when fully charged and still connected to charger. This also verifies batteries are updated and can’t over charge (if that was the problem that kill ours and others bats).
  4. Test all motors under load for a few minutes (varying speed would be nice) to weed out infant mortality. We had 1 infant and 2 under normal usage die.
  5. Make sure connectors are secured in their ports, and try to use the shortest wiring possible. Ports have died while driving motors, some anecdotal reports listed using long cables, (including a port on our brain that used the longest wire).
  6. If the controller screen looks corrupted, use the reset button in the small hole on the bottom to fix.

Before 1.02 we had problem #3 and #4. After 1.02 we continue to have problems #5 and #6.