Building arms error? please help

so my team made these arms with a gear drain on each side to help with the lifting of the arms (the arms where too heavy), but that not the main issue. whenever we try to use the intake the cube just stays mostly on the ground and the arms would be pushed away. there can’t be anything in between the arms because that’s where the cube storage/ramp is. we have tried to put rubber bands in numerous areas around the arms. we plan on working on a new design after the comp but for now, we need a quick fix. any idea could help us, thank you.

There are many ways to fix this problem. Because of this, I have a few questions. What material are you using for your arms? Also a fix for your arms you may need to put shaft collars in if you have not yet also make sure that you have stabilizers on your arms like an L-channel going across the arms to hold them together.

If your arms are too heavy to lift, consider gearing them down, if you have already tried that and it is not working, then check if the motor is okay. If the motor is good, then I suggest removing as much weight as possible

we used mostly steel for the main arms (we didn’t have enough aluminum, we already ordered them, won’t arrive till hopefully before the next comp). could you elaborate more on this l channel?

Can you please post some photos?

Photos would be great

  1. It’s called an angle
  2. C-channels are better for that job

If you’ve got aluminum on your base then make your base from steel and the arm from aluminum until it arrives. Also, you may have to put your tray at a steeper angle so you can stretch a c-channel between your arms. If you have some metal sticking out of the back of your gears (where the arm joins to your robot) put something forcing the back out slightly and it will give the front of your arms some compression in the air.

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We have steel arms and they work and lift just fine. Even better we don’t have to box them in since they are already rigid enough.