Building army of Destructo-Bots to take over world and enslave human race. NEED HELP!

Hi everyone, I am currently trying to build a race of robots that I can use to take over the world. But like any job, you need the right tools to get the job done.

One tool that every grown man should have is a 3D Printer. Sometimes called a Prototyper, these things are things of near scientific myth. You may remember watching the movie Jurassic park III when in the beginning the one Dinosaur dude uses one to recreate the nasal cavity (or something) of a velociraptor and then uses the created model to save the day or something. I have priced them (and yes found one on sale on eBay… no, not the nasal cavity… the PRINTER … duh). They also sell the “Service” on eBay as well, you give them your cad design, they will then fabricate you your part and ship it to you. It’s not cheap, but maybe cheaper then buying a 3d printer. I think that this would be great in building or “prototyping” plating or an exo-skeleton. Then you could build an RTV mold and who knows what kind of resins and other materials to reproduce your “prototype” on a MASSIVE scale. Enough to say… build an ARMY.

I also need a “Myomer” Source or any other “Memory Metals” that contract under an electrical current. Maybe NiTi (Nitinol), a Nickel-Titanium combination could work. Not a lot mind you, just enough for a neural computer to learn it’s way around. I just need a supplier and I don’t know where to look. I can start on a small scale and work my way up. I am sorry, but I find “Battlemechs” of science-fiction unfeasible. I have… other… plans…

I know that there are some older “legacy” GPS systems that use a serial port. I have no idea what models these GPS systems might be or how much they cost. I have noticed that they sell USB GPS system on eBay for laptops. I think they were $60 or something and they might be convertible into standard serial ports, but I am not one hundred percent sure. Has anyone had luck with these? Vex could easily adapt one of these GPS systems to their standard.

I also need Gyroscopes for my robotic flying death machines. I noticed that RC/Helicopters seem to provide just that. I find on average they sell for $120??? Of course I would need something with a serial output or USB output that could be channeled to a controller. Most of these Gyroscopes pin out directly to a rudder and I need something that delivers the raw data. Vex could easily adapt one of these Gyroscope systems to their standard.

I guess this brings me to my next dilemma. When I am building my guided missile stealth nuke OR I am building my “Hunter-Killer” (like those shiny flying machines in the futuristic shots of the Terminator movies) I am going to need multiple inputs for my micro-controller. Now, I like the vex controller. It is nice. I wonder what features the new version of vex will have if they ever do release it. If it had some kind of crude USB support, that would be great. It might be time for a genuine OS for the vex controller. Or I was thinking. Perhaps a slave controller from a laptop is more in order? I guess that is what I would prefer. With a laptop I have freedom and no real demand is put on the controller. Have a program read info from the USB connections from the GPS and the GYRO and what other sensors and then send control commands to the vex control through the USB to actuate the control of the foils. It will add weight and power requirements but, you are only talking about the motherboard and maybe use flash drive instead of a hard drive. But after you repackage everything I think you would have a pretty powerful computer capable of making plenty of neural determined decisions. It would need enough ram for a sizeable neural brain and room for navigations chart and maps. Excellent, Excellent.

Oh, and if anyone needs to buy those “Ceramic Super Conductors” for your anti-gravity robotics project let me know, I tracked down a websites that sells them, I think I could find it again. They give you a pretty good selection and they are rather affordable. Now THAT is something vex should adapt to their system!


Excellent, Dr. Jones, Excellent.

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You know, I just re-read my post, and now I am laughing.

lol now u realize how crazy your writing was.

good to see that i wasn’t the only one :slight_smile:

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I’m guessing this is a joke. Anyways interesting I guess…

You keep this up we will have government “monitoring” on us…

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The goverment will be all over you, zipy175, if you try this!

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With your name, I expected more out of you on your last post…

I still think you’re a-little crazy, not as MUCH!

good luck with that

if u can make it id like to see pics

so are they done? Its been a month. How many times has the gov been to ur house.

Nobody is getting replies…

They probobly took him to “jail”…

The last thing he has done was on 2-15-2007. He hasn’t been here for a while!

Of course I would need something with a serial output or USB output that could be channeled to a controller.

I thought this army of robots would at have at least some brains and be able to figure out what to destroy on their own. What’s the point of having to control each one individually?