Building clawbot in Autodesk

We are building the clawbot in Autodesk using the Vex Curriculum videos. We are on Video 10 and trying to add the motor. When we go to place motor (using the place button) we get a message to resolve the link. We have tried to reinstall the file and the file is in the folder yet the program can’t open it for use.

Not sure if this is the problem, but worth checking…

The motor is actually an assembly file (.iam). It won’t work unless there is also a folder in the same directory that has all of the “sub” parts that make up the actual motor.

Basically, check in the folder that has the motor file to verify there is also a folder with a corresponding name that contains all the the individual parts that make up the motor.

I attached some pics that might help. Your library will look different, but you should get the idea.

Thank you. I copied the file from a different computer and it seems to work. However, the constraints are not working now. when I apply the first mate constraint between center of motor coupler and center of bearing flat, the motor connects inside the c-channel instead of on the outside.

If I have time later tonight I will look into this. I’m not sure off the top of my head which constraints are needed for a motor. We have a parts library with iMates which makes assembly much easier, but I’m guessing your parts do not have the iMates. If you are following the curriculum it probably isn’t worth using iMates at this time, it will make the curriculum incorrect.

Don’t worry, after you do the mate constrain between the bearing and motor it will appear inside the C-channel but as soon as you mate the face of the C- channel with the face of the motor it will be arranged correctly.